The importance of seeds

The importance of seeds

A seed is a seed is a seed. Right? No!

Not all seeds are created equal and as a matter of fact, there are seeds out there that are treated with a systemic herbicide which means that the plant is contaminated with a pesticide/herbicide before the seed even sprouts and that plant’s mere existence is harmful to honeybees and other pollinating insects. These seeds and many other Genetically minipulated seeds are also designed to work only with a routine application pesticides, herbicides and chemicals which becomes a dangerous cycle in which the survival of the plant is dependent upon regular chemical treatments which are known to be harmful to honeybees and other beneficial insect pollinators.

The best thing to do is ask the seed company directly about the quality of their seeds. Here is a list of seed companies that are good for both bees and the environment (click on image for link to product website).

Arugula Certified Organic Heirloom Seeds 200 Seeds


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